What is Outdoor LifeCoaching?

A lifecoach helps people to shape their own lives based on their deepest desires and talents. Life Coaching is a form of coaching in which the whole life of a person is scrutinized and in which the client is stimulated to take charge of designing his or her life. Both the professional and personal life are dealt with. Special attention is given to the balance between work and leisure, increasing self-confidence, stress management, communication skills, developing talents, coordinating career planning with life planning, improving relationships and developing a positive vision of the future. The primary goal of Life Coaching is deepening life’s happiness and success.

Nature has a relaxing influence on both body and mind, which contributes strongly to gaining deep insights and to experiencing a deep state of emotions.

The coach and the client have the ability to use the rich variety of plants, animals, objects, landscapes and even the changes in the weather in various creative ways. Nature is also absolutely useful to serve as a symbol of the mental and emotional processes of the client. The combination of the riches of the environment and all sorts of physical activities make that Outdoor Life Coaching provides the coach and the client with great strength, depth and resources.

The symbolism of nature is constantly involved in the coaching process during Outdoor Life Coaching. Nature is actually considered to be a second coach. In order to get this process going, the coach will ask two basic questions: ‘What do you notice in the surroundings?’ and ‘What does that symbolise for you?’


Walking is one of the most important activities of Outdoor Life Coaching. This form of coaching literary gets the coach and the client going and therefore the mental and emotional processes are also set in motion and the brain is stimulated. The paths in nature that the coach and client take symbolise the actual paths that the client takes in life. With every step the coach and client take, the environment changes, just like the vision on the path of life. By walking and talking simultaneously, head and body or rather mind and emotions are connected. Creativity, intuition and intellectual clarity are also strongly stimulated by walking.

Integration of weather and the climate

One can always use the method of Outdoor Life Coaching in every climate and under any weather conditions. We integrate the condition and the changes in the weather during the coaching sessions. The sun, for example, may symbolise enlightening insights or warm feelings. Clouds also have a language of their own. It occurs often that the sun suddenly comes out when a client gets a clear insight while he or she is talking. Rain can stir up feelings of grief that have not yet been properly dealt with or it can ‘wash away’ issues that are over and done. The wind may send the message that things have to get going. When there is no wind then this could symbolise inner peace or the lull before the storm. When it is cold this may reflect inner coldness and it may encourage the client to seek inner warmth. Lightening is a fantastic natural phenomenon; it may symbolise working out a conflict or ambivalences in life, but it could also mean cheerful fireworks. We emphasize while practising Life Coaching outdoors, that not any interpretation is fixed; the client gives a personal meaning to each natural phenomenon.

Application areas

Outdoor Life Coaching can be practiced from a training agency, in a private practice, in a free lance capacity within companies, schools, universities and government agencies, in a coaching or training institute, or as employee of a health and safety executive, hospital, universities and companies. 

Together with a lifecoach, clients will focus on the most important aspects of their life.

The lifecoach helps people to improve their personal growth and efficiency and to outline a career best suited to their course of life and specific qualities. A lifecoach motivates and inspires people so that both at work and in the personal sphere a better balance is established between the four fundamental life spheres. 

The lifecoach helps to solve individual problems as well as problems that arise within organizations. Problems on all levels can be addressed effectively and can be solved with short term intervention. The coach can manage groups and organizations and provide training courses to lower sickness absence, reduce stress and conflicts in the workplace, He can also teach employers how to provide their employees with a healthy work environment and lowering stress in doing so.

The lifecoach searches for deeper and more sub conscious causes of problem situations for individuals and groups. The coach possesses various powerful psychodynamic coaching methods that he or she can utilize to address open and hidden conflict situations, to find the underlying motives and to focus on questions related to the meaning of life.

Main application areas of Outdoor Life Coaching 

  • Stress release
  • Burnout prevention
  • Recovering from a burnout
  • Increasing self-confidence 
  • Finding the true meaning of life, passion and insight
  • Finding a personal balance 
  • Career and educational decisions 
  • Improving relationships
  • Midlife crisis and menopause
  • Team building

What is Lifecoaching?

Life Coaching investigates three fundamental life questions: who am I, what am I capable of and what do I want? 

Someone who is happy and successful, constantly experiences life as a challenge: life is exciting, adventurous and inspiring. Yet being happy is not so simple. In the first place it requires a lot of self-knowledge and inner freedom. Furthermore, our happiness can be disrupted by doing a “wrong” job, leading an unhealthy life, associating with “wrong” people, not standing up for ourselves, or carrying around unresolved issues from the past.  

Life Coaching focuses on recognizing these constricting factors and setting up and restyling life in such a way that complete happiness ensues. In order to be happy we first have to find a proper balance in life. Life Coaching focuses on both: creating a balance in life and in our personality. 

Who am I?

The basis of success and happiness is self-knowledge. That is why in Life Coaching we start by asking the question: who am I? In Life Coaching, someone’s personality is compared to the shape of a tree. When a tree has sufficient space, nutrition and sunlight, it will develop in a healthy manner and achieve full maturity. In human beings we also note this urge to achieve a full flourishing. All important aspects of human nature are symbolized by the various parts and spheres of a tree.