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1 day training courses & advanced 2 days training courses in 2020

During our 1 day training courses you will learn all the basics you need to use nature with coaching. Very powerful, with lots of benefits. Which you can use standalone or integrate in your profession immediately. During training we’ll withdraw from daily life, reflecting on the purpose and meaning of your life while you learn powerful outdoor coaching techniques and methods. 

The training courses are very useful for professionals like (life)coaches, counselors, psychotherapists, social workers, HR managers, career coaches, business consultants and trainers, teachers etc. We offer the following training courses:

Training course - 1 day

Introduction to outdoor life coaching for professionals


The Netherlands


  • Sept 19, 2020
  • 10 am - 5 pm
  • Surrey Hills, South of London
  • Starting point: to be determined
  • Coen van Broekhoven & Lieske Scholtus
  • Minimum of 8 participants


  • October 3, 2020
  • 10 am - 5 pm
  • Around Budapest
  • Starting point: To be determined
  • Coen van Broekhoven, Lieske Scholtus & Emese Sarló
  • Minimum of 8 participants


  • Introduction
  • Silent walk
  • Practical topics
  • How to prepare your client
  • The basic questions of outdoor life coaching
  • Opening your intuition
  • Recognizing and utilizing metaphors and symbols in the environment
  • Dealing with various weather conditions
  • Dealing with obstacles, splits and junctions
  • Different types of walks
  • Using the symbolism of trees

Advanced training course - 2 days

Our advanced training course will help you to create more depth in the outdoor coaching process with powerful extra techniques. You will also learn how to work effectively with stress, burn out, career and relationship issues. 

The Netherlands


Day 1 – Outdoor Career Coaching

  • Career coaching while walking
  • Using junctions and splits
  • Career reflection in nature
  • Past influences on the career
  • Stress, burnout, and career

Day 2: Outdoor Relationship Coaching

  • Various types of relationship walks
  • Nature as a source of inspiration for relationships
  • Using trees to symbolize love relationships
  • Using trees and other objects to symbolize families
  • Using trees and other objects to symbolize organizations


Vierhouten is a village at an hour’s drive form Amsterdam/Schiphol. The nearest station from Vierhouten is Nunspeet, where you can easily get from Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport. Just email us for assistance: contact@outdoorlifecoaching.com

We recommend the following hotels or camps in and around Vierhouten:

Hotel De Vossenberg (starting point of all days)
Other hotels: Booking.com
Camps: Samoza, De Plagge, De Paasheuvel


Participants about the training

1 day training course

Various countries

€297 197
  • Learn all the basics in just one day!

Advanced training course

2 days in the Netherlands

€797 597
  • Learn more high-level outdoor techniques

Money back guarantee

If the 1 day training course does not suit you, we will
refund the entire course fee. No questions asked.

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