Online training course

Our online training course is the perfect way to start coaching in nature today.

During this online training course you will learn the basics you need to use nature as a coach. With short inspiring videos and exciting exercises, so you’ll experience yourself right away.

The online training can serve as a preparation for attending live training with us or as a substitute if you are unable to attend live. To make sure that you can actually apply everything, we organize monthly online Q&A meetings so that you can ask all your questions and share new knowledge with you.

outdoor coaching training online

Videos & exercises

Learning and experiencing simultaniously

Easy learning online

Follow your own pace
Attend Q&A meetings

outdoor coaching online

Lifetime access

Repetition & updates for continuous growth


  • Introduction
  • What is outdoor life coaching
  • How to start nature right away
  • Start walking
  • The benefits of nature
  • Powerful elements in nature to work with
  • Other outdoor techniques
  • Practical matters
  • Possibilities to use outdoor life coaching


Participation costs 149 euros including access to our monthly online Q&A meetings.

This is what you get:

  • 43 videos & 19 exercises
  • Lifetime access & updates for continuous growth
  • Lifetime access to our monthly online Q&A meetings
  • Certificate

“I started the online training and I’m very excited! It’s really awesome! WOW!!!”