About us

Peter Krijger, Coen van Broekhoven and Lieske Scholtus have started this website and the training courses to educate professionals outside the Netherlands about the fantastic benefits of outdoor coaching in nature and to support them in actually applying it in their own practice.

All three are amazed by the effects of nature on themselves and the results of their clients. And at the same time they are surprised that this method is virtually unknown outside the Netherlands.

Almost all professionals who work with people mainly sit with their clients in a room inside. While a great deal of scientific research has now shown how profound the benefits of nature are for humans. What would happen if everyone knew how much of an impact being in nature has on our physical and mental health? What would happen if more and more professionals take their clients out for a walk outside?

We could write a book about it (we will certainly do that…).

It is our mission to inspire as many coaches, therapists and other professionals as possible, so that more and more people realize how powerful nature is and experience what outdoor coaching in nature can mean for their lives.

How the method originated

The outdoor life coaching method was developed by our own Peter Kryger 20 years ago. Peter has been a therapist since 1986 and an outdoor coach since 2000. He is also a teacher, director and founder of the Atma institute (since 1989) in The Netherlands, institute for training courses in coaching & therapy.

Because Peter loved being in nature so much, something natural happened 20 years ago.

Intuitively, he started taking clients there, and after a while, also his students. Just enjoying nature, while doing therapy and coaching.

Peter started noticing that nature itself influenced himself, his clients and the coaching process.

His creativity was stimulated, all kinds of possibilities presented themselves naturally, it felt healthy, synchronicities started to happen, the process went deeper, clients easily opened up and liked it, stress was releaved naturally, results came fast. 

Differences between working indoors and outdoors became visible…

Eventually Peter saw endless possibilities, like the diversity from nature itself. Experimenting with different elements of nature and different areas of life. 

Step by step, working with nature was born.

The start of our international journey together

Eventually Peter created various training courses for his Atma institute. Coen joined his training course 9 years ago and Lieske 2 years ago.

And till this day, we all three use our expertise, different coaching methods and therapeutic skills in nature. Integrating everything we’ve learned and experienced before with coaching in nature.

And we still are creating new tools and ways, intuitively, while coaching there.

For us it feels like working with nature isn’t the typical ‘new method’ or ‘upgrade’ to your profession. NOT again another method or tool to put in your backpack. It feels like A WHOLE NEW BACKPACK. Where you can put all your expertise, tools and methods in you already know.

Two years ago we discovered that coaching in nature is not well known outside the Netherlands and that there are virtually no training courses in outdoor coaching abroad. That drove us to provide training to foreign professionals. The international institute for outdoor life coaching was born.

We also train and support participants who have followed our introduction and advanced training, to give our training courses in their own country by themselves. In this way we expand our network and allow more and more people to come into contact with outdoor coaching in nature.

Peter Kryger

Peter Krijger

Peter Kryger has been practicing regression therapy since 1986 and outdoor life coaching since 2000. He is the CEO and founder of the Atma Institute.

Coen van Broekhoven

Coen van Broekhoven

Coen van Broekhoven is outdoor life coach since 2010. Specialized in coaching/training in nature for men, leaders, teams & relationships.

Lieske Scholtus

Lieske Scholtus

Lieske Scholtus has been practicing outdoor life coaching since 2018. Specialized in coaching for women and relationships.