What is Outdoor LifeCoaching?

During outdoor life coaching we utilize everything around us in the process of coaching.  

Nature has a relaxing influence on the body and mind, which strongly contributes to gaining insights and emotions.

The coach and the client use the wide variety of plants, animals, objects, landscapes, and even changes in the weather in various creative ways. Nature is also very useful for serving as a symbol of the client’s mental and emotional processes. The combination of the riches of the environment and all sorts of physical activities makes outdoor life coaching provide the coach and client great strength, depth, and resources.

The symbolism of nature is constantly involved in this coaching process. Nature is actually considered to be a second coach. To get the process going the coach will ask two basic questions: ‘What do you notice in the surroundings?’ and ‘What does that symbolise for you?’


Walking is one of the most important activities of outdoor life coaching. This form of coaching literally gets the coach and client going and therefore the mental and emotional processes are set in motion and the brain is stimulated. The paths in nature the coach and client take symbolise the actual paths the client takes in life. The environment changes with every step the coach and client take just like the vision on the path of life. By walking and talking simultaneously the head and body or rather mind and emotions are connected. Creativity, intuition, and intellectual clarity are also strongly stimulated by walking.

Integration of the weather and climate

One can always use the method of outdoor life coaching in every climate and weather. We integrate the condition and the changes in the weather during the coaching sessions. The sun, for example, may symbolise enlightening insights or warm feelings. Clouds also have a language of their own. It often happens that the sun suddenly comes out when a client gets a clear insight while he or she is talking. Rain can stir up feelings of grief that have not been properly dealt with or it can wash away issues that are resolved . The wind may send the message that things have to get going. No wind could symbolise inner peace. When it’s cold, this may reflect inner coldness and encourage the client to seek inner warmth. Lightning is a fantastic natural phenomenon; it may symbolise working out a conflict or ambivalences in life, but it could also mean cheerful fireworks. We emphasize during life coaching outdoors that no interpretation is fixed – the client gives personal meaning to each natural phenomenon.

Areas of application

  • Stress release
  • Prevention of burnout
  • Recovering from burnout
  • Increasing self-confidence 
  • Finding the true meaning of life, passion, and insight
  • Finding personal balance 
  • Career and educational decisions 
  • Improving relationships
  • Midlife crisis and menopause
  • Team building

What to do when it rains?

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