2 days advanced training course

Our advanced training course will help you to create more depth in the outdoor coaching process with powerful extra techniques. Like the action wheel, working with past influences & constellations. You will also learn how to work effectively with stress, burn out, career and relationship issues. 


Day 1 – outdoor career coaching

  • Action wheel
  • Career coaching while walking
  • Using junctions and splits
  • Career reflection in nature
  • Past influences on the career
  • Stress, burnout, and career

Day 2- outdoor relationship coaching

  • Various types of relationship walks
  • Nature as a source of inspiration for relationships
  • Using trees to symbolize love relationships
  • Using trees and other objects to symbolize families
  • Using trees and other objects to symbolize organizations


Participation costs 599 euros including reader and participation in monthly online Q&A sessions thereafter.

Dates and locations

So far we have planned the following advanced training courses in the coming period.

The training course takes place with a minimum of 5 participants.


To be determined

10 am – 5 pm


Starting point to be determined

Peter & Coen

Minimum of 8 participants

The Netherlands

To be determined

10 am – 5 pm

Nature around Vierhouten

Starting point: Vossenberg

Elspeterbosweg 1 Vierhouten
Peter & Coen
Minimum of 8 participants

The day before we give the introductory training at the same location. This allows you to follow both training courses in three days.


Vierhouten is a village at an hour’s drive form Amsterdam/Schiphol. The nearest station from Vierhouten is Nunspeet, where you can easily get from Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport. Just email us for assistance: contact@outdoorlifecoaching.com

We recommend the following hotels or camps in and around Vierhouten:
Hotel De Vossenberg (starting point of all days)
Other hotels: Booking.com
Camps: SamozaDe PlaggeDe Paasheuvel

Emese about the advanced training

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